Workplace Counselling and Psychotherapy provide an independent and specialist resource to all employees access to a confidential service.

Mental Health affects everyone, it can impact the employee, the employer, and the entire organisation. Keeping a healthy balance within the workplace can reduce employee absenteeism, improve performance, productivity and promotes support mechanisms as part of their culture.

At times it is difficult to separate our personal life from our work life and our issues can of course directly influence an employee’s performance, which can impact heavily upon the operation and production of an organisation.

Workplace Counselling and Psychotherapy - Benefits

Helps employees who are showing signs of stress, anxiety, depression, bullying, employees who are absent from work and can assist in their rehabilitation. It helps to identify coping skills, reflect on issues, and promote self-awareness. It helps to identify solutions to problems and provides a safe place to talk freely.

Workplace Counselling

Giving all employees access to a confidential, workplace counselling service shows the employees that the organisation has a duty of care, and cares about their staff’s mental health.

Workplace Counselling and Psychotherapy can be tailored to suit your organisation. It generally includes face-to-face, telephone or online expert support on both personal and work-related issues, with the aim of increasing staff wellbeing.

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