DKS Wellbeing Services provides a range of services to promote the well-being of others. I offer Counselling & Psychotherapy sessions, Workplace Wellbeing Training and Workshops, Reiki and Relaxation sessions. Mental health affects everyone, we are often faced with the pressures of life and encounter thoughts and feelings that we are unsure how to process.

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This in turn can cloud our decisions and repeat unwelcome patterns of behaviour. There are times when we lose focus on our situation, leading to confusion and unsure where to turn. All can lead to stress, anxiety, and psychological issues. There is often an expectation that life should carry on as normal despite those difficult times, but in reality, they often impact on our current life, which can inhibit us from moving forward. DKS can provide you the help and support you need to overcome emotional distress and move forward. Don’t suffer in silence!

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